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  • Excellence in Innovation, 2016

About Music Therapy Program, Carers NT

2016 Excellence in Innovation winner

The Music Therapy Program for Carers NT is facilitated by Linda Tan, qualified with a Master of Musical Therapy, a research-based profession in which intentional use of music is used to accomplish goals from physical, emotional, communication, cognitive, and social needs of individuals, to improve health, functioning and wellbeing.  Music therapists incorporate a range of music making methods such as creating, singing, moving to, and/or listening to music, in a targeted way through music suited to individual needs. 

For example, for a child with cerebral palsy, he may need to increase his positive stimulation.  The therapist provides familiar but non-musical objects, and different pieces of music are specially composed to match the texture, character and even the emotional quality of touching and making sound with those objects.  The child can feel the senses on their skin, see the materials and hear the music that matches the experience

There are many programs including:

  • Therapeutic Instrumental Tuition or Band; where people with disability learn to work with others, increase their social interactions and make friends.
  • Siblings Instrumental Tuition; where siblings are taught to play a musical instrument such as the ukulele and then they will teach their sibling with disability these skills so there is shared activity and experience together.
  • Sensory Social Music program; is for people with high sensory needs and/or autism.  The specially selected music and activities help students learn to regulate their emotions and how to meet their own sensory needs while fostering team work and social interaction. 

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